Fit for Change is a Bavarian Research Network, funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and Art. We investigate the skills and ability of individuals, groups and institutions to interact and make decisions under conditions of existential change.

Network members include the Universities of Augsburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Wuerzburg, who operate on an interdisciplinary and inter-university level.

Thirteen sub-projects investigate different examples of what allows people and institutions to overcome profound changes (such as changes of climate, energy, demographics, finance systems) and even to actively transform these changes into opportunities. The ability to respond to such threats adequately and so ‘to survive’ is called resilience.

Western industrial societies have greater knowledge and wealth than at any time in human history. At the same time we encounter existential crises at all levels; Burn-out due to over-work, the impacts of the multi-media age, dwindling natural resources and globalisation. The need for change is growing exponentially. As social actors - individuals, teams, companies, countries - although we focus on a common value system, we act according to different interests which often compete with each other and hinder transformation. Resilience is therefore required at different levels.

What structures, policies, actions and skills are being utilised to deal with system-threatening changes? What is it that makes individuals and institutions resilient? How can we develop and support resilience? What is the inter-dependence between the many actors and interests? Are we ready and able to adequately cope with the many upcoming and complex changes? Do we need to adopt new behaviour patterns, value and governance systems in order to survive in our evolving system?